Small steps lead to change 

Tonight I feel pretty proud of myself. It may have been just a tiny step for some but for me it was huge. 

I’m currently on holiday in Mexico and was enjoying an evening drink in the lobby bar when my attention was drawn to the table next to me. The issue of transgender was being discussed. The family I think were mother, father, son and daughter in law. Daughter in law was very pro transgender rights and was discussing the topic with the family. 

The usual jokes and laughs were made and the oh it must be a mental issue, DIL was very firm in her knowledge trying to explain how it was for a transgender person and their rights for treatment in the USA. Not once did she falter on her beliefs whilst her so called family mocked and argued with her. 

I listened intently and realised this was an opportunity I too needed to stand up for those rights as it’s the little things that actually get the momentum flowing on issues like this. 

So as we left the bar I walked over to the girl and thanked her for her knowledge and understanding on the issues and said not everyone could understand, thanked her again and walked away. I didn’t need to explain myself I just needed her to know she wasn’t the only person standing up for the rights of the transgender community. 

I’m hoping that small action will have larger ones in others. I knew I couldn’t remain silent, I’m not one for confrontation but sometimes it’s a necessity. 

Shall steps are all we need to take in life to change the future.