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I would like to offer some words of advice to anyone who has had someone they know and/or love come out as transgender. I am drawing on my own experience as the mother of a transgender child. I’m not saying that this is all you have to do. I’m not saying if you do this life will be all happiness and rainbows. I am saying is that these things will make a difference. Of that I’m sure. What I will tell you is that there are many people who are no longer a major part of our lives (meaning my children, husband me) and this is a choice that they have made. Maybe if they had done a few of these things, my children would have more extended family in their lives and my son’s life, especially, wouldn’t be so darn small. (“Why don’t you tell them?” I can hear you asking. My answer- done it…..more than…

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Rest and relaxation

I’m currently in Mexico, Nuevo Vallarta to be precise at the dreams villa manga, took me 11 hours to get here but I actually think I’ve found a little piece of paradise. We fly home on Saturday, it’s a holiday that has gone far too quickly, one that was totally needed and one whereby I’ve relaxed, read, slept, ran and eaten some fantastic food, watched the sun set over the pacific along with a lightening storm. It’s a peaceful, tranquil resort, the staff are friendly, the sun is shinningimageimageimageimage,

I have no complaints.
I’ve had a few texts from Jake, he is currently on a 2 week study block back at uni, what a difference a year has made to him, this time last year he was attending interviews to gain a placement for work, tensions were high and now look where he is, see with love and support things really do change.

(Trans) Parent Support

All you need to do is love and support

Call Him Hunter

Hunters artworkThis is for all you parents out there who are struggling to accept your child’s coming out and desire to transition. As a parent of a transgender teen (FtM), I feel that I am “qualified” to share these words and sentiments.

Do you know…

Parental Support Matters? Only 15% of trans youth without parental support described their mental health as “very good” or excellent, compared to 70% of trans youth with parental support. (source)

Transgender people are more than 25 times more likely than non-transgender people to attempt suicide some time during their life?  (41% vs. 1.6%) (source)

78% of transgender youth in K-12 had experienced harassment? (source)

Recently I asked my son how our support has affected him since he came out to us two years ago. Do you know what he told me? “I feel confident about who I am. I don’t feel ashamed to be me.”

WOW. Isn’t…

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The secret transgender games


The older I get, the less patience I have. Or is it less tolerance? Maybe it’s both. Let me clear something up…

I’m just your every day Jane. I work for a living and raise my family pretty much like everyone else. I have bills to pay, dishes to do, and dog poo to pick up.  The fact that my daughter is transgender is kind of a non-issue. We help others when we can, with questions, suggestions for resources and those sorts of things, but we don’t have a show that we take on the road or anything like that. We’re not this odd entity that is different from the rest of the families who are working for a living and picking up dog poo. There are no secret transgender games going on behind our closed door. Disappointing, I know.


We are not keeping secrets from you (unless you’re the government and/or…

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